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Hits, steals and misses

As tonight's 2014 AFL draft looms, we take a look back over history at selections that have pleased, surprised and disappointed.
The one thing that can be said for the draft is there are no guarantees - players can look great on paper but get injured or don't progress when they hit the tough school of the AFL.
Each of the 18 teams will have analysed and scrutinised dozens and dozens of players, they will have made their decisions on what pick players are worth and will make their moves accordingly.
But a team's vision of what they will get out of players does not always go to plan.
Sometimes, a top pick lives up to expectations.
Other times, however, a top pick does not kick on or performs poorly compared to the people taken just behind him.
And sometimes, very occasionally, a club will pull a rabbit from a hat and take a player in the latter stages of the draft who goes on to make the recruiters look like geniuses.
Look below for a few of the hits, misses and steals from the past 25 years of the AFL draft.

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