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In the market

Mark Thompson could be a late contender to coach the Western Bulldogs, a day after it looked certain he would not be at any AFL club next year.
Former Bulldogs star Luke Darcy, who is on their coach selection panel, said they should look at putting out the feelers to Thompson.
Darcy was speaking a day after Thompson and Essendon confirmed he had left the Bombers.
It also emerged on Thursday that current Bulldogs assistant Brett Montgomery was out of the running for the senior role.
Luke Beveridge remains the favourite, with the Bulldogs announcing Brendan McCartney's successor as early as Friday.
Essendon football boss Neil Craig is another contender.
Darcy said on Thursday morning that they should at least consider approaching Thompson.
"I think given that we haven't finished the process at the Bulldogs, you'd have to think about it," Darcy said on Triple M.
"The time that he was in contract that precludes you from having any of those conversations.
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