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'No surprise if crowd is split against Roger'

Taking on Roger Federer is always a great challenge and I'm sure there will be lots of interest and a packed crowd for Thursday's match, but it's what happens between the lines that counts.
I got a great reception when I stepped out on court at the start of the week and the support has been fantastic - playing at home definitely gives you an extra lift.
The crowd will probably be more split when I play against Roger but that's no surprise.
I've played him all over the world; in Asia, America, Australia, Canada and Europe, at Wimbledon and three times at the O2, and pretty much everywhere he goes he gets very good support.
I would expect the same again on Thursday, but having my share of the crowd's backing helps me too, and it's been very good so far.
Hopefully I can stay as relaxed as I've felt all week. Even ahead of Tuesday's match against Milos Raonic I was very calm compared with how I've felt before Slam finals.
I've played a lot of matches in the last six or seven weeks and was really happy to qualify for the Finals. Having worked so hard to get here, I thought I'd try my best to enjoy this week and not put too much pressure on myself. It was just a nice present at the end of the year to play here.
The whole tournament has a different feel with the round-robin format, only the top eight players and our own individual locker rooms. You don't see loads of other players, you just come in, go into your changing room and are kind of locked away.

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