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I’ve said it before, but it’s worth noting again at this time of year: Tennis doesn’t get enough credit for its writing. 
Books on the sport may not impress the literary set, and they almost never ascend to best-seller status, but each year brings its share of quality, informative narratives. Below is the proof: Our 2014 gift guide for the tennis reader in your life.
All of these titles will add to your knowledge and appreciation of the game. This year’s crop tells the tales of underdogs and pioneers—that’s what tennis is all about, isn’t it?
Black and White: The Way I See It, Richard Williams with Bart Davis
Once a controversial figure, now recognized as the sport’s resident Cassandra, Williams is less visible than he once was. 
Always cryptic in his statements, here he fills us in on his own, unlikely life story. Much of the book, and its most interesting sections, take place in the Louisiana of his youth. 
The segregated Deep South scenes he describes sound like they could have taken place in another country and an earlier lifetime. Which only makes the eventual achievements of his daughters in this lifetime that much more remarkable.

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