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Thursday, March 12, 2015

CANTERBURY’S young giant David Klemmer has some scary news for his forward rivals – he’s going to be even bigger next season.

Klemmer is already one of the heftiest forwards in the NRL . . . but the 20-year old colossus is about to put into action plans to add to his frame over the off-season.
“I am playing at 115 (kilos) at the moment and actually feel a little light within myself,” the former Eels junior says. “I want to add some bulk and feel I will be able to carry it. I want to get to 120 and feel I will be more effective at that size.
“It will just give me a bit more bulk behind me and hopefully make me harder to handle. I’m going to hit the weights and get on a muscle-building diet over the summer and work at it that way.”
The Bulldogs boast the biggest man in the game in Sam Kasiano, who tips the scales at a whopping 130kg.
But with Kasiano on the injury list, Klemmer has been a godsend for the Dogs in their late charge for the title.
The hulking prop has been superb off the bench against Melbourne and Manly, bending back the defensive line with his strong charges.
“He’s a good kid, isn’t he?” former Bulldogs coach Chris Anderson enthuses.
“He has plenty of size to him and good mobility and is only young.
“He has a big future. And if he feels he can add some bulk and still be effective, good luck to him.”
Klemmer is enjoying his role as a shock trooper from the bench, coming on midway through each half and terrorising the opposition.
“I get a couple of 20-minute bursts and it works quite well for the team,” Klemmer says.
“Des (Hasler) wants me to go out there and give the boys some impact and that is my goal.
“I’m happy with my form and just want to stay injury-free the next few weeks – I think we are capable of keeping our run going.”