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NRL set to reduce interchanges

The NRL is set to rectify the bane of league fans by finally reducing the number of interchanges from 10 a game to possibly as low as six for next season.
In what shapes as a major overhaul, the NRL wants to reactivate the endurance factor that has been eroded in the code by the high number of interchanges.
NRL head of football Todd Greenberg said a two month revue headed by Dr Kevin Norton, a Professor of Exercise and Science, would explore a number of options to tweak the interchange system.
Among the possible changes would be creating a three-man interchange bench with a fourth player to be used as a permanent replacement for injured or concussed players.
According to a News Limited report, the NRL and ARL Commission has been discussing an interchange overhaul for 12 months and will consider implementing changes for the 2016 season.
"Rugby league has a great history of making significant changes as needed to ensure the game continues to evolve and I think that’s exactly what we’re doing here," Greenberg told News Limited.
"We’re not calling out an end position. We’re calling out an intention to look at it properly. We need to back that up with science and data.
"It’s clear what people’s opinions are across the game and we’ll garner that through this piece of work. But we need to back that up with facts and information."
The revue follows calls from some of the game's best thinkers, including Melbourne coach Craig Bellamy, Immortals Bob Fulton and Wally Lewis and commentator Matt Johns, to reduce interchanges.
Fans have also long been disenchanted by the rule that has removed endurance from the game and made it tougher for smaller, skillful players to shine.

Under the current system some forwards play in stints for as little as 10 or 15 minutes with coaches rotating bigger bodied players to constantly target the smaller rivals, particularly halves, who play the full 80 minutes.

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