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John Barker warns against quick-fix to Carlton’s problems

CARLTON interim coach John Barker wants the Blues to rediscover their “spirit and energy” but warned there will be no quick-fix to the team’s problems.
The Blues will meet Sydney on Friday night with players still dealing with the explosive sacking of coach Michael Malthouse on Tuesday.
Barker said he would not worry about complex game plan changes until the Blues were able to produce greater effort in games and regain their competitive edge.
“We know there has been some issues with our effort and we know that it’s one of the core components of footy, so really (we want) just to drive some spirit and some energy back into the place,” Barker said.
“We need to keep the messages simple. I know that, it’s been a big week for the boys.
“We don’t think things are going to turnaround overnight. The type of effort we are talking about we need to work at, that will take time.
“It doesn’t matter what game plan we play with, if you don’t play with a baseline of effort, it’s null and void.”
Barker said the players were affected by Malthouse’s departure in different ways.
“We have got a fairly solid job trying to make sure we manage their mind sets going in tomorrow night’s game and that’s why we need to keep the focuses very simple,” he said.
Carlton players had the day off yesterday.
Midfielders Bryce Gibbs and Chris Judd will miss the Swans clash due to injury.
Barker said assistant coach Robert Wiley, a close friend of Malthouse’s, was among the first to pledge his full support to the interim coach.

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