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The 2015 AFL season has had just about everything and this week we have been treated to Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley calling out his side for a lack of public displays of affection in their loss to Port Adelaide last Thursday night.
The only public displays of affection that I care about are my own on a seedy nightclub dance floor at 4am and I’m not sure what it says about Buckley, the Collingwood side or the AFL media that this has become the biggest AFL news story of the week.
In saying that I am really looking forward to Collingwood’s game this weekend  because I am keen to see how far Elliot will go if his gets gifted a goal from one of his teammates – maybe Varcoe might be able to get to second base!
The Collingwood PDA saga was sparked on Friday night when Collingwood small forward Jamie Elliot did not go out of his way to thank teammate Travis Varcoe when he put his physical wellbeing on the line to set up a goal, which is about as rude as not thanking a mate when he buys you a beer.
I agree that Elliot was out of line and should have at least treated Varcoe to a high five, but the fact that we are still talking about the incident over a week later is completely mind blowing to me.
Veteran journo Jon Anderson, who is obviously a big one for manners, carried on about Elliot’s behavior in a podcast last weekend and even went as far as to compare Elliot to a soccer player – to far Jon – and then Buckley fielded questions about the incident in his pre-match press conference.
All Buckley had to do was say that the issue had been discussed internally, but he instead opted to air his dirty laundry in public and admitted that he wanted to see more public displays of affections from his side – indicating that “that something we’ve done pretty well, to support each other, to encourage each other through public displays of affection.”
There are plenty of reasons that Collingwood have lost their last three games – the major ones being that they are overrated and are prone to choke at big moments – but I fail to agree that the fact that Elliot didn’t give Varcoe a peck on the cheek to celebrate a goal has anything to do with it.
Either way, there are sure to be some interesting scenes in the Collingwood dressing sheds this weekend if they are able to score an upset win over the West Coast Eagles this weekend.

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