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Slain Adelaide Crows coach Phil Walsh’s son Cy Walsh speaks about family life

POLICE will investigate whether Phil Walsh’s son Cy Walsh, who was charged with his father’s murder was high on ice when he allegedly stabbed his father to death.
The Adelaide Advertiser reports the lifestyle of the 26-year-old is under inquiry, as he undergoes a mental health assessment under guard at the Flinders Medical Centre.
Cy Walsh had been living between his parents house and the home of a friend in nearby Glenelg East, where he was arrested.
His lawyers said they had been unable to take full instructions from him because he had been sedated.
Meanwhile, on his personal website, the self-described “couch surfer” outlines a seemingly idyllic lifestyle that he is willing to share with other international travellers.
“My parents and me share the space, the spare bedroom is ready to go with inflatable mattress,” he wrote on
“Smoking is fine, pet dog in residence (jack russel), near oval for Aussie rules games.
“We sleep early and wake early ... 3 nights max.”
Although his father was a high-profile and acclaimed sports leader, little was publicly known about his son prior to Friday morning’s tragic events.
A photo on a Facebook account shows the family smiling at the camera, huddled in close to one another.
In April, Phil Walsh told the Herald Sun he was trying to “reconnect” with his son after his obsession with football made family life difficult at times.
Cy Walsh’s main online presence was, a website calling itself “a network of 10 million interesting locals in over 230 countries and territories all across the world”.
The site offers ways for international travellers to secure safe, cheap or free accommodation with like-minded individuals who have gone through its verification process.
It also allows users to create a personal profile listing their interests and displaying their photos, as well as listing references from other users.
Cy Walsh has been a member of the site since 2012, and his last recorded login was two months ago.
In his profile, Cy Walsh describes himself as a cocktail bartender, originally from Geelong, with a diploma in Japanese.
He says he has lived in Australia and Japan, and visited Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and the Amazon jungle.
He describes his “current mission” is to “prepare myself financially, spiritually and linguistically for the adventure of my life”.
“(I) graduated high-school in 06 then spent 07 living in Japan as an exchange kid,” he wrote.
“I was in second year high school (equivalent Year 11 in Australia) ... came back and finished my Bachelors (degree), worked to save some money.
“(I) did two trips, South-East Asia for three months and then India, South America, and North America for about 11 months.
“Now I am back home with my parents, and want to give back and meet some people.”
Cy Walsh says he has never used the site “to successfully find a couch” but has found “some couchsurfing meet-ups and parties around the place, which was fun”.
He says part of the reason he wants to host people in his home is that he “ended up on quite a few” couches in North America, meeting “some wonderfully nice people” as a result.
He lists his interests as yoga, meditation, surfing, cross fit and learning to play guitar.
“I prefer books over TV and documentaries over movies,” he wrote.
“My number one priority is to live and experience each moment, no matter what, to a degree of success.”

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