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Adam Goodes returns to Sydney Swans training and thanks fans for their support

AFTER a week when his career was hanging in the balance, Adam Goodes has returned to the SCG to train with his teammates ahead of Saturday night’s critical match against Geelong at Simonds Stadium.
The Football world rose to the occasion across the weekend with players, supporters and officials all getting behind the dual Brownlow medallist.
Goodes took a leave of absence from the club to deal with the continued booing from opposition supporters, a break which today he described as ”essential”.
“I definitely needed to have that break and get away,” Goodes said in a video released by Swans on Tuesday. “I definitely wasn’t in the right frame of mind to play last week against the Crows.
“It’s incredibly humbling to be honest. The fans have been absolutely amazing and fans from other clubs representing and showing their support has been quite humbling as well.
“The support from the AFL industry is something that is not surprising because in the AFL we do look after their own very well. I felt very loved over the weekend.”
Over the weekend, AFL players and supporters, rival football codes and junior and senior football teams across the country showed their support with banners, cheering and a role of goal scoring celebrations which all recognised Goodes’ situation.
The epicentre for the support was at the SCG on Saturday where the Goodes inspired Swans reignited their season with a 52 point win over the Adelaide Crows.
Hopeful of being able to move forward, Goodes added: “I think these discussions needed to be had and I’m really hopeful those discussions are behind us now and we can all move on
“People have had their opinions, they’ve spoken about the issue ... Hopefully now we can move forward and for me it’s all about playing football — I really want to focus on my football.
“I’m extremely excited to be back at the club, training with the players, I felt like the first day back at school today walking into the rooms.”
“The AFL Commission is of the view that this is about race and cannot be condoned at our games,” Fitzpatrick said.
“This is not what we stand for. The AFL, this most Australian of sports, stands for a fair go for all, men, women, black, white, Muslim, Asian. It is broad, inclusive and the most egalitarian of sports.”

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