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Nick Kyrgios in no danger of losing Davis Cup spot after another slip-up

Davis Cup captain Wally Masur has confirmed Nick Kyrgios will not be dropped from Australia's semi-final against Great Britain after his sledging of Swiss star Stan Wawrinka.

Kyrgios received a $US10,000 ($13,580) fine from the ATP for the obscene remark and a further $US2,500 ($A3,500) for comments made to a ballboy during the second-round match at the Masters in Montreal.

In addition, the tennis body said they had launched an investigation to see whether the remark violated the Player Major Offence provisions.

But Masur confirmed Kyrgios would play in the Glasgow semi-final and was pleased to see the young star apologise unreservedly and publicly to Wawrinka.

"How punitive can you be? At what point do you start to move forward?" Masur said to Fox Sports News.

"Obviously Nick is paying a very heavy price financially, obviously the consequences will go beyond this week, for example amongst his peers on the tour, the ATP player council, they'll have their say.

"Obviously he wants to move on and hopes this is something he can learn from."

Masur earlier said he thought the entire incident had been blown out of proportion.

"When I actually saw the incident, what was fairly obvious is that Nick had his back turned to Stan, he was 90 feet away, and he mumbled it under his breath, I mean no way was he actually being confrontational," he said.

"It's just a case of the court-side microphone, which is pretty amazing what it picked up, picked up the audio.

"It wasn't the scenario I had in my mind when I read the headlines."

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