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The Richmond Tigers bandwagon is now ready to Crash

The Richmond Tigers are flying following their impressive win over Hawthorn last Friday night and it appears that everybody in Melbourne is now donning a Yellow and Black scarf while belting out ‘Tigerland’ at the top of their lungs. The Richmond bandwagon is now so full that it is due to crash as hard as the Greek stock market and I think that it will start against Adelaide this evening. The Tigers have made a habit of following up big wins with some truly putrid football and I expect to see plenty of Tiger jerseys in flames this time tomorrow!
Richmond may not have won a Premiership since 1980 and haven’t really looked likely, but every time they even have something of a sniff, an avalanche of supporters drag themselves out of the ground like the army of Wights in Game Of Thrones.
This was on full display last year when the Tigers earnt a place in the finals with an upset win over Sydney in the final game of the regular season and many Tigers fans – that hadn’t been to a game in Melbourne all year – elected to make the trip to Adelaide to see the Tigers get absolutely torn a new one by Port Adelaide.
The exact same phenomenon was on display the year earlier when the Tigers bandwagon entered the finals full of confidence before it was derailed as quickly as Thomas The Tank Engine after a run in with Gordon when they lost to Carlton to in the first round of the finals.
The irony for Tigers fan was that the Blues had finished in ninth position – a position held by Richmond for the majority of their history – and they only made it to the finals because of the punishment handed out to Hirdy and the Essendon Bombers for their various drug violations.
Before they found form in the past few years, the Tigers spent over a decade in the wilderness and their only fans at home games were Kevin Bartlett and his family – even KB was happy to ditch if he got a better offer.
The Tigers only serious charge in the 2000s came in 2001 when they made it all the way to the Preliminary Finals under the care of Danny Frawley and Frawley was getting preached by Tigers fans as the second coming of Kevin Sheedy, Ron Barassi and Leigh Matthews combined.
Surprising nobody not wearing the Yellow and Black, the Tigers missed the finals the following season with a dismal 14th place finish and they spent over a decade in the finals wilderness with smaller crowds than those at Greater Western Sydney Giants home games.
I’ve been encouraging our bookmaking team to accept as many bets as possible on Richmond this weekend and I personally have loaded up on the Crows at their current quote of $2.10 – they are as safe a bet as I am to get blind on Brownlow Medal night.

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