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Grant Thomas has slammed the AFL for its silence on James Hird

THE AFL has been slammed for its silence on James Hird’s drug overdose.
The league declined to comment on Hird’s hospitalisation despite on Saturday being accused of years of bullying by the ex-Essendon coach’s former lawyer.
The AFL said that it “would not be commenting publicly” on Hird.
Former St Kilda coach Grant Thomas has sensationally lambasted the league for being “notably absent” in the days following the former Bombers coach and 1996 Brownlow medallist’s hospitalisation, claiming executives are too “busy”.
He also hinted that he had been allegedly blocked from a media role by the AFL.
“I like the way the AFL have come out with a statement of support and concern for James — NOT! Notably absent,” Thomas wrote yesterday.
“Time for the AFL to provide some very factual, truthful ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers to some simple questions that remain unanswered. Brand is secondary.
There is one reason AFL has not commented, one reason alone; it’s called hypocrisy. They are perplexed about supporting a guy they nailed to cross.
“Polo, couta boat racing, wineries, horse racing, cricket, tennis — there is plenty on to keep the execs busy.”
Hird remains under care in a specialist mental health treatment centre after being treated for a drug overdose at the Cabrini Hospital on Wednesday night.
Former Essendon chairman Paul Little said that he had privately contacted Hird, but did not wish to make further comment.

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