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Why the NRL must get rid of golden point extra time

It has only taken one round of football in 2017, but already we are reminded of the unfairness of golden point extra time to decide drawn matches.
The North Queensland Cowboys and Canberra Raiders produced an outstanding game of football last Saturday night in Townsville. The two teams traded blows for full the 80 minutes, and at the final siren a premiership point apiece would have been a fitting result.
I know the golden point period can be exciting, but it seems so unfair that the Raiders take nothing away from this performance and get exactly the same number of competition points as a team like the Panthers, who were absolutely horrible in their match and belted 42-10 by St George Illawarra on the same weekend.
It's great that the NRL has changed the golden point extra time rule for finals matches, but we need to go a step further and declare club matches each weekend as a draw if the teams are level at full-time.

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