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AFL announces new commissioner

THE AFL has today announced it has a new commissioner, former financial and investment banking chief Robin Bishop.
Bishop is the former head of Macquarie Capital, who late last year announced he was stepping down from that role after almost 22 years in the financial sector.
It was reported in his former role he presided over more than $125 billion in merger and acquisition deals alone.
“Macquarie is an outstanding organisation. I’ve got a deep love for the place, it’s been a huge part of my life,” Bishop said upon stepping down.
“But it is a very intensive job ... and I just got to a point where I thought, ‘actually I need to take some time out’. You get to work on fascinating transactions for tremendous clients but, as you can imagine, every one of those clients expects extraordinarily high levels of performance and after a while that can grind you down.
“I’ve got no plans other than getting a chance to clear my head.”

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