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the Suns are ready to make history in China

SUNS defender Sean Lemmens isn’t buying into the hardship of playing in China that has concerned many commentators, saying he feels lucky for the opportunity to make history.
Paul Roos and Wayne Carey are two high profile TV personalities who have been critical of the travel arrangements.
Lemmens’ attitude reflected many of his team mates at Brisbane Airport this morning as they prepared to board a flight to Singapore, the first leg of a 14 hour trip to Shanghai.
Although discussion was mooted at the club’s Metricon Stadium base at 5am when the bus to Brisbane departed, by the time the side had checked in at Brisbane the excitement among the group was noticeable.
We’re definitely happy to be here, being a part of history is not something everyone gets to do so we are lucky.’’  Lemmens said young footballers would play anywhere and the side had not dwelt on the impact the travel could have on their performances.

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