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Manny Pacquiao's loss to Jeff Horn sparks critical social media frenzy

While Australia was celebrating Jeff Horn's upset win over boxing legend Manny Pacquiao, plenty of people from around the world fumed over the unanimous decision.

Horn undeniably came out stronger in the early rounds, but tired through the second half.
He was rocked by Pacquiao in the ninth round to the point that the referee asked Horn to show something in the 10th or the fight was going to be stopped.
Horn did show "something", but that comeback resulting in a win from all three judges (117-111, 115-113 and 115-113) was a tough pill to swallow for many.
The most damning indictment came from former heavyweight world champion and Olympic gold medallist Lennox Lewis:
This is what's wrong with boxing. Horn was very game but I'm hard pressed to see how he could have won that fight by any stretch! 

Jeff Horn's win over Manny Pacquiao the correct decision, WBO review confirms

The World Boxing Organisation (WBO) has completed its review into the Jeff Horn-Manny Pacquiao fight and confirmed the Australian was the rightful winner of the fight.
Horn was awarded the victory by a unanimous judges' decision, but the result was not received well all over the world, and the Philippines government requested an official investigation.
The WBO obliged, setting up a panel of independent judges to review the fight and the scores recorded on the day, and the results are in — Horn is the rightful welterweight champion of the world.
It's definitely nice to have it finally put on paper that I had won the fight," Horn said in Brisbane on Tuesday.
"I thought I had won the fight on the day. I think Pacquiao thought it as well but now to have it clear in front of us is good."
The WBO review found Horn won seven rounds of the bout dubbed the 'Battle of Brisbane' at Lang Park on July 2, while Pacquiao claimed five.
"Upon the analysis, the findings stated that Pacquiao won the third, the eighth and ninth by 100 per cent; the fifth round was won by 80 per cent; and the 11th round by 60 per cent," the WBO statement read.
"Horn won the first, sixth and 12th rounds by 100 per cent; rounds second, fourth, and seventh by 80 per cent; and then, the 10th round by 60 per cent.
"From the results, it can be established that Pacquiao won five rounds while Horn won seven rounds.
Based on this analysis, Jeff Horn was the winner of the bout."
Horn said he was never concerned the review would taint his victory.
"I was pretty confident it was going to come back as a result for myself again," he said.
"I guess there is always that worry that it depends on who are the judges looking at this. Everyone has a different perspective on what happened."

One judge says Pacquiao the winner, another has a draw

The primary difference in the reviewed scores came in the ninth round, when Pacquiao rocked Horn to the point that the referee almost stopped the fight.
While all three judges on the day awarded the round to Pacquiao by a 10-9 score, three of the five judges in the WBO review scored it 10-8 in the Filipino's favour.
WBO judges' scorecard of Pacquiao-Horn fight

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