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Carlton move on Rockliff could see Gibbs go to Crows

Carlton’s interest in Tom Rockliff is hotting up with the Blues set to put an offer in front of the Brisbane free agent this week that they hope will set a series of moves in motion.

Talks have already been held between Carlton and Rockliff and from all reports they have gone exceedingly well.

It was expected that any offer would need to wait until the future of Bryce Gibbs was known, but the Blues want to move early to get in ahead of other suitors, one of which is Adelaide.

However, the Crows interest in ‘Rocky’ is more of a back-up plan if their attempt to get Gibbs fails, so Carlton has decided to grab the bull by the horns and control the situation.

The Blues will trade Gibbs to Adelaide for a first-round draft pick plus a bit extra, and bring in Rockliff on a salary less than they were paying Gibbs, thus losing a quality 28-year-old but gaining a quality 27-year-old and bringing in another talented kid.

Meanwhile the Crows will get their man for a reasonable price and the Lions will be well compensated by the league with a high pick.

Winners all round!

The biggest roadblock to the deal is Rockliff's family, with his partner expecting a child soon and being well settled in Queensland.

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