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Coin toss could be used to solve potential Adelaide v Richmond Grand Final jumper clash scenario

A COIN toss could be used to determine whether Adelaide or Richmond wears their traditional jumper if the teams were to meet in the Grand Final.

The Crows and Tigers are both favoured to win their preliminary finals leading to early discussions about whether one of the teams would be forced to wear its alternate strip in the biggest game of the year.
For the last three home and away seasons the match-up has been determined to be one with a jumper clash. Richmond wore its predominantly yellow tops with white shorts in its loss at the Adelaide Oval to the Crows earlier this season.
Richmond great Kevin Bartlett last week declared that the Tigers should tell the AFL to “get stuffed” if it is forced to wear its alternate strip in the Grand Final.
But AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan told AFL 360 that the higher-placed grand finalist was not guaranteed to wear its traditional jumper.
“The Grand Final, you can’t have a jumper clash. If the players are in their traditional strips, (you have) six million watching (on TV) at the peak, 100,000 there (at the MCG), (the match broadcast) around the world, you can’t have people confused about who they are,” McLachlan said on Fox Footy.
“Some people disagree or talk about they’ve got to play in their jumpers but you need to see a contrast. Who plays in what jumper and if it happens, we’re working on it.
“I don’t think there’s a home team (in a Grand Final). The highest ranking team gets the advantage of a longer break because you’ve got to make a decision on that, but in the end it’s not a home final.”
“I think it needs to be fair, now whether that’s a toss of the coin or and arm-wrestle or something, I think that’s our view that if it gets to that situation to make a decision you do it in a way it’s not use telling one or the other.
“Everyone understands that there has to be a decision made and we’ll work out a fair way to do it.”
The league honcho said that using a coin wasn’t “trivialising” the issue.
“I don’t think it’s trivialising because a coin toss decides a lot of things,” McLachlan said.
“Maybe KB tosses with Mark Ricciuto and they decide, and if Richmond plays in the gold jumpers it’s KB’s fault.
“But I think a coin toss is plausible.”
The last time that both the Crows and Tigers wore their home jumpers in a match was 2014.

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