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Friday, October 27, 2017

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger admits he could leave club at the end of the season

Wenger told angry Arsenal shareholders yesterday he will discuss his future with the club’s board at the end of the season.
He said: “I would just like finish with my personal situation. There were some concerns as well.
"I must tell you, my hunger, my commitment is bigger than ever.
"But I accept when you have been a long time at a club everyone questions that.
"I question myself a lot to be better every day and I will sit down every year with my board to see where I go.
"But I would just like to assure you my hunger to be successful with this club is absolutely huge and no matter what happens one day I will always love this club forever and be an eternal fan.”
Wenger’s deal runs until the summer of 2019. And while he stuck to the well rehearsed line that he always honours his contract, he also left plenty of room for manoeuvre.
Pressed after on whether he was going to consider his options at the end of the season, Wenger said: “I said what I said and I stand by that.
"I want to feel that I do well, and see what the board thinks of my performance. After that we decide where we go from there.
"But, of course, my desire has always been to respect my contracts.”
Arsenal are fifth, nine points off leaders Manchester City and have failed to make it into the Champions League for the first time in Wenger’s 21-year reign.
But shareholders were also less than impressed when chief executive Ivan Gazidis claimed Arsenal were punching above their weight.
"Fortunately, there is one very accurate and objective way to assess how well and how consistently clubs perform over time,” said Gazidis, who was heckled as he spoke at The Emirates.
"This method is accurate enough to be the industry standard way to analyse the efficiency of spending of football clubs.
"It is very simply to compare team performance by a series of objective metrics, usually league position or points, against expenditure on transfers.
"No club has a perfect record every year under this scrutiny but Arsenal has probably been, of the big clubs certainly, the most consistently over-performing team over time."