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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Pep Guardiola urges caution over Man City's scintillating form: We have not won title yet

City are unbeaten this season and have scored the most top-flight goals after eight league games in over a century.
But Guardiola warned their spectacular run will not last forever and was eager to nip comparisons with his all-conquering Barcelona side in the bud.
He said: “To dominate before you had to win titles, and when you win you have to win the second one, the third one and the fourth one.
"When that happens you can be considered dominant, but not one team has won a title in October.
"We are in good shape, in good momentum, but to say dominate you need titles, a lot. Not one, not two, a lot, and still we haven’t won one.”
Warning there will be bumps in the road if they are to be in the title mix next summer, Guardiola added: “We are in October, we cannot expect to finish the season like we have done in the last month when we won all the games.
"I want to see how we are going to react in that moment we drop points.
"We will see how strong we are because teams always show in the bad moments.
"When everything is going well, winning three or four, it’s important but it doesn’t count for much.”
But speaking ahead of today’s home clash against Burnley, the 46-year-old reassured City fans they will stick to their free-flowing style even if things are not going their way.
Citing the way City killed off Stoke’s revival in their 7-2 destruction and they saw out their Champions League encounter against Napoli as examples, Guardiola said:
"I’m optimistic because the way we reacted at 3-2 against Stoke was so good.
"After 3-2, one minute later, Kevin (De Bruyne) had a chance to score the fourth and after he gave the assist to Gabriel (Jesus).
"Last game against Napoli at 2-1 we were good, we didn’t concede much, we tried to make build ups, play, not hit long balls, and score goals.
"Those are two things I like to watch my team but it’s completely different when you drop points.
"The best way to grow is to handle a game every three days, and win games, and be good, and be solid, and that is the best way.
"We did it in the last month, August and September, and we will see if we are able to do it in October.”