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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo struggling in Benzema's absence

Cristiano Ronaldo is experiencing a frustrating start in La Liga and Karim Benzema's absence could be the reason for his lack of goals.
In addition to the fact he has not scored so far in LaLiga, he also does not seem comfortable on the field and there is a theory that he is missing Benzema's presence.
Without the Frenchman, Cristiano has been forced to take up the number nine role, a position in which he feels isolated and is not at ease. This has resulted in him being surrounded by more defenders and less effective.
While he has scored four goals in Real Madrid's last two Champions League matches when Benzema also was not present, Ronaldo generally has benefitted a lot from being alongside Benzema and they have had a lot of success together.
However, Cristiano and Benzema have yet to play together this season. The Portuguese's five-match ban and the injury to the Frenchman have stopped the two from linking-up on the pitch. Benzema has missed six games so far and it has taken a toll on the four-time Ballon d'Or winner.
The lack of Karim's natural ability on the field to play in the centre and distribute the game is giving Cristiano a hard time.
"He likes to start from the side and surprise," it has been often said which has not been possible recently.