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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Man Utd forward Lukaku avoids jail-time for LA partying

Manchester United forward Romelu Lukaku has avoided the prospect of going to jail for repeated call-outs to loud parties he was hosting in Los Angeles.
The Belgian will pay 450 US dollars (£340) to reimburse the police force, who were called out to the property where Lukaku was staying.
Police arrested the 24-year-old after responding to noise complaints for five days in a row at the Beverly Hills residence.
Commissioner Jane Godfrey, overseeing the case, said: "They are reaching a disposition in this case that the first thing that must happen is the defendant must pay Beverly Hills Police Department 450 dollars for multiple response calls."
The incident occurred while Lukaku was on the verge of completing his transfer from Everton to United.
The charge has now been dropped to a disturbance of the peace, which includes a 100 dollar (£76) fine as well as costs and penalties.
If the charge remained as a misdemeanour, Lukaku could have faced up to six months in jail.