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Monday, December 25, 2017

Man Utd boss Mourinho raps Rashford over diving row: Be like Mahrez

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho says Marcus Rashford is too honest for his own good.
Mourinho hinted after their 2-2 draw at Leicester City that Rashford could've won a penalty if he'd been "more intelligent" like Riyad Mahrez.
Referee John Moss booked Riyad Mahrez for diving nine minutes from time and after the match Mourinho claimed that Rashford should have tried his luck when he tried to round Kasper Schmeichel.
The England international was criticised for going down easily against Swansea last season and Mourinho thinks that may have played on his mind during the move.
"You know that our players that are, I don't know the word – you know. In some other cultures people used to call intelligent players, in the English culture, depends on the player, depends on the club," Mourinho said.
"I remember for example, last year Marcus Rashford had an easy penalty against Swansea and he was killed and some other players they keep doing the same and worse and they keep being protected.
"But honestly, I don't know if it was a penalty or if it was not a penalty. I know that Moss had a very good performance, a performance that the Leicester supporters, they were complaining with everything but without any reason because the red card is a red card, the two yellows are two yellows, the free kicks he makes were free kicks, the yellow card to Mahrez is a yellow card because he dived so I think Moss had a very good performance.
"If it was a penalty and he didn't give, I'm not critical at all because he had a good – he had a very good performance and if Marcus was not intelligent like some other guys are, that's it."