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Monday, December 25, 2017

SunSport tries out Luis Suarez's new restaurant – check out what we thought of the Barcelona star's latest venture

SUNSPORT popped in to Luis Suarez's new restaurant in Barcelona for a bite.
The superstar striker, 30, has hit form on the field and is hungry to continue his success off it - but has he bitten off more than he can chew?
Suarez's eatery Chalito is at the north end of the famous Ramblas in the heart of Barcelona.
The down-to-earth venue serves fast food with a Latin twist in portions you would expect from a man nicknamed El Gordo - Spanish for fat.
In fact despite getting his footballing education under stylish continentals like Pep Guardiola and Luis Enrique, his dishes would be far more at home on Big Sam Allardyce's table.
As well as plenty of classic South American fare, the menu had a good selection of pizzas - proving Suarez still has a taste for Italian.
The 'Bife De Chorizo' is a massive prime sirloin which you can really sink your teeth into while the Milanese - think pizza with breaded chicken instead of dough - is a hit.
It's unlikely Suarez and his Barca team-mates are tucking into the artery-clogging courses which have almost as much cheese as Gerard Pique's missus' back catalogue.
But after years of serving his pal chances on a plate, Lionel Messi popped in so the ex-Liverpool man could return the favour.
The drinks list includes beers, soft drinks and jugs of Sangria that go down almost as easily as Suarez in the penalty area.
Chalito is famed for its home-made desert menu - if you have space.
Unfortunately, we're not lethal finishers like Suarez and having struggling to tackle our main courses decided to settle up and hit the streets.
The bill came - thankfully you would not have to be a world-class footballer to pay it - and in a last touch the Uruguayan hitman's staff sent us off with a couple of free shots.