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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Jose Mourinho used serious words, says Antonio Conte

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte continued his ongoing feud with Jose Mourinho saying that the Manchester United manager used ‘serious words’ and that he would never forget it. Conte said on Tuesday that the dispute is a problem between the two managers and not their clubs.

Conte said in a news conference on Tuesday, “He used serious words. I won’t forget this.” He further added that he did not regret his ‘litte man’ comments. “This is not a problem from the club, it is a problem between me and him. I stop,” he said. “Do I have the look of a person with regret? I don’t think so,” said Conte. “I think we both said things, and we’ll see what happens in the future.”
Conte had earlier called Mourinho ‘little man’ after the Portuguese manager made a pointed comment about match-fixing, a reference to the four-month suspension Conte was handed in the 2012-13 season for failing to report match-fixing at his previous club Siena. He was later cleared by an Italian court of any wrongdoing. “I think when you try to hurt a person, especially if you know very well the truth of what happens, the court proved my innocence, when you do this it means you are a little man,” Conte had said, adding that Mourinho has ‘senile dementia.’
The relationship between the two managers deteriorated when Mourinho referred to Conte as a ‘clown’ on the touchline.