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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Five reasons for Real Madrid to sell Bale in the summer

Gareth Bale has not been having a good season as a result of injuries and a poor form and now Real Madrid have taken the decision to sell him in the summer transfer window, five years after his arrival.
This is a not a decision which Los Blancos are taking lightly and there are several reasons why it could be beneficial to sell the Welshman.
1. A changing of the guard
Real Madrid believe the time has come to shake up the squad, especially in attack.
The BBC front three is no longer indispensable and Marco Asensio is now the bright hope for the future.
Los Blancos don't want Bale to stand in Asensio's way, while they're also keen to bring in another attacking talent to add some freshness to the attack.
2. Bale has disconnected
Some players respond to being dropped by fighting even harder, but Bale has seemed to disconnect.
Every signal the 28-year-old makes seems to situate him further and further away from the Spanish capital.
3. The injuries
One other important factor is the fact that Bale has been injured so often.
He has had 25 already since he moved to the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu and, even though he is currently fit, there's always a fear he could break down at any moment.
4. Expectations haven't been met
Real Madrid signed Bale with the idea that he would replace Cristiano Ronaldo and one day win a Ballon d'Or, but he hasn't come close to fulfilling either of those expectations.
Although he was decisive in the Copa del Rey and Champions League triumphs of 2013/14, he hasn't been the star in the years since.
5. Real Madrid can still cash in on him
It's a case of now or never for Real Madrid.
Even though they don't believe they'll be able to fetch a fee of 100 million euros for Bale, the Real Madrid directors know that he is still valuable and that a significant fee can be brought in for him if he is sold this summer.
If they were to wait, then his value could plummet further.