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Friday, February 9, 2018

More than 60 players have contacted player manager Ralph Carr, after mega Dusty deals

HE JUST landed Dustin Martin an unprecedented multi-year deal with Puma.

Now more than 60 players have contacted colourful player agent Ralph Carr for his services, says Tim Watson.
While Carr’s background in management has traditionally been the entertainment industry, he has had massive success with Martin, negotiating not only his deal to remain at Richmond, but a plethora of endorsements.
Martin was revealed as Bond’s latest ambassador last week in a commercial where the 2017 Brownlow winner was seen running through Melbourne streets in nothing but his undies.
And on Wednesday, Martin signed a four-year deal with Puma to put him in the same company as other international ambassadors, including Usain Bolt and Selena Gomez.
Watson told SEN other players were craving similar off field success.
“I know over 60 players have contacted him seeking his services,” Watson said.
“He has gotten Bonds, Jeep and Puma, plus he has the night with Dusty happening.
“I don’t know in the history of the game that a manager has ever done a better job for a player post the Brownlow Medal.
“I think players would be looking at what Ralph Carr has done and think, ‘Gee’.”
Carr, who was once married to Australian singer Tina Arena, manages the likes of singer Kate Ceberano and entertainment personality Richard Wilkins.
But he’s recently made a push into the sporting industry, signing exciting young Richmond forward Shai Bolton, as well as GWS’ Nick Haynes and jockey Nick Hall.
Watson said the multimillion-dollar deal Carr orchestrated between Martin and Richmond was an “unbelievable deal”, one which certainly would have caught other players’ attention.
“He is on huge money,” Watson said.
“Richmond has downplayed it a bit, but it is huge money. It is a very tasty deal.”