In a statement using provocative language, designed to garner attention for their cause, the Wanderers' active support section - the Red and Black Bloc - harshly criticised A-League club owners, CEOs and FFA in a post on their Facebook page.
This response comes after the Wanderers announced they'll shut down the RBB's active support area for Western Sydney's next match against Perth Glory.
According to the club, RBB members will still be able to attend the match en masse, but not in their usual section. 
The RBB's statement decried A-League clubs for opposing FFA in congress discussions, but supporting them on the issue of flares and fan-behaviour.
"We understand that WSW FC were forced into a position of taking action by the "governing body" (sic), to appease shareholders and the media alike," the statement read.
"Although we find it utterly ironic that clubs who voted against the FFA recently, are still being bent over a barrel and flogged by (Steven) Lowy, (David) Gallop and CO.
"There is a clear lack of balls. Club owners and CEO's are quick to admonish the FFA behind closed doors, but kneel down and lick their boots in the public domain."
The RBB also pointed to the decline in A-League television ratings and match attendance figures as a sign that FFA are mismanaging the sport.
"Football in this country is in an absolute shambles. Attendance figures, interest in the league as a whole, marketing and fan engagement have been on a steady decline," the statement continued.
"We encourage all fans across the league to support their teams in the way they see fit. This is what separates our sport from the others. It's time the fans took back ownership of this sport from the dictatorship."