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Friday, March 2, 2018

Keown: Arsenal players giving up on Wenger; waiting for next manager

Arsenal hero Martin Keown says tonight's thrashing by Manchester City is another key sign that Arsene Wenger needs to leave.
City put the game to bed before halftime as Silva, Leroy Sane and David Silva all struck for the 3-0 win at the Emirates.
Keown said afterwards: "Like every great leader, you find the right time to leave the club. That moment has gone since, long ago. Now he's trying to get a performance from players who are looking over their shoulder at who's coming in next.
"Who can Arsene turn to in that changing room now? But he's put himself in that position, there's no players for him after getting rid of people like Giroud."
He also said: "Is it a defining night for Arsene Wenger? Last season they went out of the Champions League versus Bayern Munich, it was 10-0 over the two ties. The owner has supported Arsene Wenger but it gets ever closer to a change being made.
"I'm not looking forward to the Brighton game. If they lose that as well it really tests the club. He may even ask the club 'do you want to keep me here' because it's turned that sour."