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Monday, March 19, 2018


Melbourne Victory goalkeeper Lawrence Thomas has sent his regards to injured Central Coast Mariner Antony Golec after clashing with him in their 5-2 win on Sunday.

A set-piece delivered by Andrew Hoole in the 33rd minute resulted in Golec and Thomas colliding after both went for the ball.
While it appeared Thomas looked out cold initially, Golec required seven minutes of treatment before being stretchered off. It was then reported by FoxSports during the match that the 27-year-old had fractured his tibia and was rushed to hospital.
Mariners coach Paul Okon was not certain, but said his physio believed it was a tibia fracture.
Thomas sent his regards to Golec, who had made 22 appearances for Central Coast this season.
“All the best wishes and you never wish that upon anyone on the field, hopefully it’s the least of whatever injuries they’re suspecting it is and he’s back in no time,” Thomas told FourFourTwo.
“I was watching the ball and next minute, I copped a knock in the collar bone and the head area. I had a bit of pain, but it ended up being fine. His wasn’t great, his opposite leg was shivering quite a bit, so it’s not great to see. Hopefully it’s as good as it can be I guess.
“For me, it was more a decent knock on the collarbone, I stayed down for a few seconds to check where I was at and moved a bit and I was fine to be honest.”
Victory were 5-0 up, however Connor Pain claimed his first A-League brace, snatching two consolation goals against his former side.
While the 25-year-old was pleased with the win, Thomas said they could have played better down the back.
“Connor… that’s three past me now this year,” he joked about his former teammate.
“To be fair, it was a back and forth game and if they took their chances up front a bit more, I reckon they could’ve had a few more goals.
“For us, we could’ve been better defensively and we got away with it tonight.”