Former Mariners coach Paul Okon and assistant coach Ivan Jolic both resigned yesterday following a board meeting with the club's hierarchy, amidst reports there were controls placed on who the duo could sign for next season. 
The losses leave Youth League coach Wayne O'Sullivan in the hot-seat for the remainder of the season while the Mariners attempt to rebuild.
As the club attempt to find replacements, Mielekamp wasn't underestimating the severity of their situation.
"This club's really built upon the community. It's about rolling our sleeves up, the next step has to be another step forward. We need the community now more than ever," he said.
"Everyone's really focused on the weekend, sticking together and being strong for the club. There's never a good time, thats the way the cards have fallen.
"It became clear it was untenable for the future with Paolo. We've got to live within our resources (but) we're heading in the right direction."
Despite the CEO's shrouded optimism, the Mariners currently sit second-last in the league, battling through their third-successive dismal campaign.
While a host of community initiatives have limited the damage for Central Coast, further-falling average attendances ring alarm bells for the franchise.
"We have to be smarter," he said. "There's a lot more pressure. There's been some tough times, but there's also been some good times. We can't make a mistake, that's how we compete.
"We'll take our time to make sure we get it right, it could be the most important appointment in the club's history. 
"It's a tough time for the club. We can't make a mistake," he repeated.