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Saturday, April 7, 2018

AFL boss Gillon McLachlan says no to best-of-three grand final series

UPDATE: AFL chief Gillon McLachlan says the AFL would not move to a best-of-three grand final series during his tenure after reports on what could be the most radical finals shake-up in league history.
Veteran journalist Mike Sheahan on Friday reported there would soon be a significant push from high-powered non-Victorian officials for an American-style decider.
“I believe that there will be a push soon for a best-of-three grand final series to minimise the disadvantage that the non-Victorian teams suffer,” Sheahan told SEN on Friday.
However, McLachlan told 3AW there would be little support for it among players.
“I haven’t heard it recently, people have talked about it historically,” he said.
“The challenge is the scale and the intensity of a grand final.
“If you look to the grand final that was drawn in 2010 , the players didn’t want to come back and that’s sort of been a critical part of it is they get themselves up for it and then to do it twice or three times, that’s been the view.
The AFL has used a top-eight finals series since 1994 and the current top-eight model since 2000.
There has been a push in recent years to add a ‘wildcard round’, where teams ranked 9th and 10th after the home-and-away season would have the chance to gatecrash the finals.
A wildcard round could be introduced as soon as next year.