The 36-year-old will play his final game in the F3 Derby against Newcastle Jets on Saturday after playing the majority of his A-League career with Central Coast.
Rose looks back at the 2013 championship triumph with the Mariners as one of the highlights of his career.
The Mariners had the likes of Mathew Ryan, Trent Sainsbury, Oliver Bozanic and Bernie Ibini in their heyday, however Rose said he was unfazed by any apparent lack of recognition for their success as a left-back.
And Rose said he simply wanted to be remembered as someone who loved the game.
“If I can finish my career as a player and be remembered as someone who always worked hard and respected my teammates and opponents, then that means more to me than how many games I played or what I won,” Rose told FourFourTwo.
“I always try to play with a smile and if you do that, I think you’ll enjoy your football and get the best out of yourself.
“I’m always proud of where those players have got to in their careers. I watch Maty Ryan now, Bernie Ibini, Tom Rogic, Mustafa Amini and Trent Sainsbury.
“I feel a part of what they’ve achieved and that’s special for me, I like that and I follow their careers as much as possible. I feel that little bit part of it of helping them get there as well, so that’s enough for me.
“I talked to my wife back in early December. I sat her down with the kids and I said it would be my last season. Even from then, I tried to keep it quiet and make the focus about the team rather than myself. It was about enjoying the last few months and trying to get the most out of it.”
Looking ahead to life after the Mariners, Rose is aiming to build his coaching skills with ‘Rose Football Academy’ in the Central Coast.
“Obviously I’d like to stick around and help out with the youth coaching sector, as far as I’m concerned, I’ll knuckle down with the academy and I’ll always plug forward to today’s goals in youth coaching,” he said.
“The last few years for me has been about watching these young boys come through the youth team and the youngsters we’ve signed from other clubs.
“For me it’s a proud moment, watching these guys make their debuts like (Peter) Kekeris and Lachie (Wales) coming through and is starting games now.
“He’s putting himself about and making an impact, it’s fantastic to see, even though we’re out of the finals race, these boys still have a lot to play for in contracts and young Aussie teams in camps.”
Rose also said he was unsure whether he’ll shed some tears in his final game of football this weekend.
“Possibly, I’m not sure how I’ll feel, I’m definitely ready for retirement,” he said.
“I’m looking forward to the transition to the coaching side of it, putting 100 per cent effort into the academy and the coaching. Next week I think will be emotional for different reasons, but I’m just looking forward to it. Hopefully I enjoy the game and we get something out of it.”