In a statement released on the RBB's Facebook page, the group announced the self-imposed ban due to "increasing restrictions that active support is suffering."
The club stated that neither FFA or Wanderers' club management had contacted the group despite requests.
Club staff reportedly notified the RBB that the capo stand would be removed and bans on capo swearing would be instated until the end of the season, in addition to an increased police presence. 
In their statement, the RBB said that the decision "burned us to the core."
"Whilst this decision burns us to our core as we live for the badge and colours of this club, this decision has been made in order to reconvene with all stakeholders during the off season to come back bigger and stronger next season," the statement said.
"It’s through these increasing restrictions that active support is suffering and nearing non existence. We encourage all to support the team how they see fit, however, due to the increasing measures taken by various managements, there will be no organised active support during the remainder of this A league season (including any potential finals)."