From the topsy-turvy world of Con Constantine, to the dark days of Nathan Tinkler, Griffiths has seen the best and worst of Newcastle football.
In a piece for Player's Voice, Griffiths spoke out about how the current board at Newcastle are finally the right fit for the Novocastrian club.
"Con … it always depended what Con you got, whether it was sober Con or with a few whiskeys under his belt! Most of the time I got him with a few whiskeys," Griffiths wrote.
"I wish Con, who was stripped of his licence by Football Federation Australia in 2010, all the best. I wish that he could share this success with us, because he’s been a big part of the Newcastle Jets.
"Nathan Tinkler, Con’s successor, was the opposite. I’m fairly good at reading people – I think he had hidden agendas. He did come across as the white knight that saved the club but I think we would have had an owner anyway if it wasn’t for Tinkler.
"It was a shitshow, to be honest. It was fucked. I didn’t enjoy it at all."
Things had to get bad, before they could get better for the Jets. But after finishing in 10th place last season, Newcastle's turnaround has been nothing-less than amazing.
Under the new ownership of Martin Lee and day-to-day stewardship of CEO Lawrie McKinna, Griffiths believes the Jets have ticked all the boxes.
"In that last stint as a Jets player, I always doubted (previous owner, Nathan) Tinkler once I knew that he had no idea about football," Griffiths wrote.
"After returning to the club as an official, I also questioned Martin Lee, the Chinese billionaire and CEO of Ledman Group, after he got announced as the new Jets owner in a sale from Football Federation Australia.
"But then our CEO Lawrie McKinna and I got invited to China to meet Martin and see his company and staff. He had a shrine on the ground floor of his complex, where he’s got thousands of people working for him. A shrine completely dedicated to football.
"He had Real Madrid jerseys, Liverpool boots, trophies from all around the world. Right then and there, I knew he was passionate about this sport.
"It’s been a roller coaster to get here. Now the club’s football operations manager, I’m in my fourth stint with the Jets after three as a player. Every week we’ve got to continue to improve and not make the mistakes of previous ownerships. 
"The best advice anyone’s ever given me: if you lose, at least learn the lesson."