An ugly brawl between Collingwood and St. Kilda fans after a match at Etihad Stadium has drawn the ire of AFL legends and is now being investigated by Victoria Police.

Police say one man was struck in the face and multiple fans were ejected from the venue after a fight broke out between opposing fans.

Attendees were reportedly shouting "knock him out" as the altercation began, which was supposedly sparked due to Collingwood taunts regarding the Magpies' Grand Final win over the Saints in 2010.
Former AFL player and pundit, Garry Lyon, said the altercation was "unforgivable" and labelled it “as bad a look as you can have for footy”.
“That’s a fair dinkum punch on,” he told SEN Breakfast.
“That’s unforgivable. There are women involved, there are men involved. The AFL would be absolutely off their nut about that and rightfully so.
“If that was the soccer, we would be screaming from the top of the trees.”
Lyon's comparison comes after a spate of violent incidents - many involving Collingwood fans - at AFL matches this season.
This is the second reported brawl between AFL fans this round, after witnesses described a "flurry of punches and a headbutt" during the West Coast Eagles contest against Richmond on Sunday.
These reports comes less than a month after another two incidents of fan violence in the AFL, first at Adelaide Oval on April 22, then at a Collingwood vs Essendon match on April 26, that a security guard described as "something you see in a movie."
Although no figures related to the A-League have spoken out about several recent violent incidents in AFL matches, an altercation between Adelaide United and Sydney FC fans in December last year sparked criticism from two AFL stars - Port Adelaide's Kane Cornes and Warren Tredrea, in the Adelaide Advertiser.
Lyon's comments relate to a trend in the AFL for figures related to the game to comment on football-related violence.
Fox Sports football-commentator, Simon Hill, has been vocal in his opposition to, in his opinion, double-standards in reporting crowd violence between the two codes in the mainstream media.
He made this point to SEN, the same station that voiced Lyon's recent claims, after flares lit by Greek fans during the Australia vs Greece friendly in 2016 attracted front-page coverage in the Herald Sun.
“I have to say I am interested that got front page coverage in the Herald Sun this morning, when reading the copy twice it is mentioned throughout there were no arrests,” he told SEN Breakfast.
“Now if there was such violence and mayhem and carnage there last night as we’re led to believe, why did the police make no arrests?
“That’s not to say there wasn’t any trouble, I don’t know. I’ve tried to get in touch with the FFA this morning to establish what happened, I couldn’t get through to them.
“I do think that some of this stuff is overblown, let’s not forget two years ago after the AFL Grand Final a man was stabbed outside the MCG. Now that didn’t get front page news coverage. My question is why?”