Mulvey took over at the Mariners after the departure of Paul Okon. The club has not reached the finals since 2014 and has picked up two wooden spoons in the past three years.
But Mulvey is adamant those days are over and that the opportunity that exists at Central Coast is "enormous".
"Football is about cycles," he said in a speech at the club's end of season awards.
"Central Coast Mariners are about to come out of their cycle and we’re going to start becoming successful.
"For me tenth, eighth, tenth, eighth - it just ain't good enough. It really isn't. I’m not here to dwell on the past but if we don’t learn from it then we’re doomed to repeat it.
"I ask each and everyone here tonight to join me and draw a line in the sand. The age of mediocrity is over. Enough is enough. When we are here this time next year we must do so in a vastly different environment.
"Feeling that we’ve succeeded and that we’re on a journey of ultimate success. If this club is to move forward we must do so together. I can't do it, I need all of your help. There’s no saviour to this. We have to do it together.
"Winners do the little things better than everyone else and then do them again. Successful people work harder and smarter than everybody else. That will be our edge…. If we do it right, if we do it together, next season can be a season to remember."