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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

West Coast Eagles to challenge Nic Naitanui’s rough conduct ban

Nic Naitanui’s tribunal hearing has been moved to Wednesday night at West Coast’s request.
The Eagles are challenging Naitanui’s one-game rough conduct ban, but have been approved an extra day due to their lawyer being unable to make it to Melbourne in time.
The star ruckman copped the penalty for his tackle on Karl Amon in Saturday’s 42-point win over Port Adelaide at Optus Stadium.
Naitanui gave away a free kick when he drove Amon into the ground in a tackle in the final quarter of the match. Amon got up and was fine to take his kick but that hasn’t saved Naitanui from a ban for rough conduct.
He was also fined $1000 for attempting to trip Jasper Pittard in the same match.
“If you drive a player to the ground with excessive force whilst arms pinned, one of the factors in determining is whether it’s unreasonable in the circumstances,” Match Review Officer Michael Christian said.
“We came to the conclusion pretty strongly that that was a drive with arms pinned with excessive force.
“It clearly fitted into the guidelines around a dangerous tackle, therefore rough conduct.”
Eagles coach Adam Simpson labelled the ban on as a ‘bit of a head scratcher’.
Speaking exclusively on 7 News Perth, Simpson said he wasn’t convinced by the decision.
“It’s a bit of a head scratcher for me, personally, but we’ll wait and see,” he said.
“The vision I saw he didn’t have his arms pinned.”