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Friday, June 22, 2018

Australia needs to beat Peru, hope Denmark loses

The 1-1 draw against Denmark keeps Australia's interests alive in the World Cup, but only just, and we need quite a bit to go our way next week.
Again, Australia showed it could mix it with the big boys in the score-draw with the Danes, but again it was a night of frustration and what-could-have-beens.
So here's the lay of the land: The Socceroos are on one solitary point after a draw and defeat, while France sits on six points, Denmark four and Peru zero.
Group C is tantalisingly poised. And it all comes down to the final round of fixtures, which sees Australia play Peru at the same time Denmark faces France — something for the chameleon-eyed football fans among you to enjoy.
Those matches will kick off at midnight AEST on Wednesday, June 27.

Let's start with the bad results: What happens if we lose or draw?

The same thing. Australia cannot advance with anything other than a win over Peru.
A draw would put us on two points, behind France's six and Denmark's four (before even taking their fixture into account), sending Australia home.

So we need to beat Peru. Got it.

You better believe it. And all the while, we'll have our collective beady eye fixed on what Denmark gets up to against France.
Australia needs Denmark to lose against France. Not draw, and certainly not win. Lose.