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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

St Kilda champion Nick Riewoldt’s favourite Ross Lyon one-liners

We all know about “let the cobblers do the cobbling”, one of Ross Lyon’s famous press conference lines.
The Fremantle coach had footy fans in stitches when he went down the Big Freeze 4 slide at the MCG on Monday dressed as a cobbler.
But as St Kilda champion Nick Riewoldt revealed on Triple M this week, ‘Ross the Boss’ is no one-hit wonder.
“He had a stack of them (sayings) and they’d get a run every week,” Riewoldt said.
“The boys took so much delight, at the end of the season there was always a session where you just brought all of them out again.
“He had (so many) little one-liners, he’d always say ‘he’s handy’.
“He would go ‘(Nick) Dal Santo, hot dog, hot dog, hot dog’ when Dal was showing off on the field (referring to selling hot dogs).
“He would love ‘we’re a blue-collar team’ (and) ‘support the person, challenge the behaviour’.
“My personal favourite was ‘execute one, educate 1000’, so if one of the boys messed up, he didn’t miss the opportunity to execute them because the rest of the boys would learn.”
Riewoldt said ex-Saints teammate Dal Santo was the best at impersonating their former coach.