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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Fremantle Dockers youngster Ryan Nyhuis ‘remorseful’ for brutal tackle ahead of tribunal hearing

Ryan Nyhuis was not the type of player who intentionally set out to hurt opponents, but was remorseful and prepared to wear the consequences of his dangerous tackle on Port Adelaide star Robbie Gray, Fremantle midfielder Lachie Neale said this morning.
Speaking at the opening of the Starlight Foundation’s Express room at the new Perth Children’s Hospital, Neale, an ambassador for the Starlight Foundation, said there was a delicate balance between being aggressive enough in a tackle and exercising a duty of care to opponents.
“That is the art of it. It is tough to do.. It is a split-second decision and we have seen a number of these cases over the last couple of years where unfortunately someone gets concussed or knocked out,” he said.
“It is difficult to manage that - you want to be aggressive and instinctive but at the same time there is a duty of care as well.”
Nyhuis is looking at a suspension of at least three weeks after Match Review Officer Michael Christian referred him directly to the tribunal for the tackle which saw Gray knocked out.
Neale said Nyhuis had joined teammates after the game to watch the World Cup final between Croatia and France. He was “OK” but remorseful for what had happened, he said.
“I know the sort of person that Ryan is and he would never go out to intentionally hurt anyone. He would be feeling a little bit bad for what happened. He is obviously remorseful for what happened and he will head to the tribunal and cop the consequences,” Neale said.
Neale said Nyhuis was probably trying to get the dangerous Gray over the boundary line and was not aware that the ball had spilled free in the tackle.
“Often you think they still have the ball. Having seen the replay the ball does spill out but Ryan wouldn’t have known that at the time,” he said.