Melbourne Victory announced this morning the signing of Japanese star and former Milan man Keisuke Honda on a marquee deal, partly funded by the Fox Sports big star marquee fund.
It is understood the FFA is working on another deal for a big named foreigner to come to the A-League in the coming months.
Sydney FC were close to signing Fernando Torres, but the deal fell through when they couldn't't match the money overseas, even tapping into the central marquee fund.
To seal the Honda deal, Victory were reportedly given access by the FFA to $1.6 million extra funds from the central $3m marquee pot financed by broadcaster Fox Sports.
With some fans on social media feeling the FFA favour the Sky Blues and the Big V, O’Rourke said their marquee fund was available to all A-League clubs.
“We still have money left in the fund as well and there’s potential for more players to still come,” O’Rourke said.
“I’m sure the fans will understand that the signing of Keisuke’s profile is not only good for Victory, but for the whole league.
"I have no doubt when he plays away, he’ll be able to draw as many fans as he does at home.
“We’ve been collaborating with the CEOs of all clubs over the past three months about this process and about the availability of the funds.
“A number of clubs have come to us and there was one in Sydney which didn’t land.”
O’Rourke was confident that Honda would do wonders for Australian football and counter the recent pessimism that the A-League has been going backwards.
The A-League boss said the capture proved some critics wrong.
“There have been things in the last couple of years, people said days like this would never happen and we can sit back and say. 'Today just happened’,” he said.
“What this signing does is it satisfies a lot of the questions. Would big stars, names and global brands wish to come to the A-League? The answer clearly is yes.
“Secondly, are clubs prepared to co-invest with the FFA to bring out these big names? That’s been answered.”