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Monday, August 13, 2018

Why there is no need for Freo to jump on Harley’s contract

Fremantle don’t need me to tell them Harley Bennell has been a bad investment. Short of a Norm Smith Medal nothing can change that.
But a week of overdosing on Andrew Gaff managed to overshadow any meaningful discussion on what happens next with Fremantle’s controversial star recruit of 2016.
The ‘slight setback’ that was supposed to be overcome in time for him to play yesterday apparently still lingers.
And the fact Peel had a bye in the WAFL further clouds Bennell’s status in the short term (fit to play or not) and in the long term (worth re-signing or not).
Ross Lyon’s determination to stick by his man has a lot of people around town feeling Bennell was indeed HIS man.
And suggesting that perhaps prudent voices were raised against his recruitment in the first place.
Recently Ross said on Channel Seven, with a smile I admit, “If it was up to me I’d give him a ten year contract.”
Is anybody else queuing behind the Dockers for Harley’s signature?
Surely the queue begins and ends with Fremantle!
For no other reason than if the rate, and let’s be extremely charitable, is as low as $450,000 a season Harley’s payments per game are on Ben Simmons pace.
The Dockers should take their time and drive a hard bargain ... if in fact a bargain is worth driving.