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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Brigginshaw out for revenge in grand final

Brisbane Broncos captain Ali Brigginshaw is still burning from the Maroons' 16-10 loss to the Blues in June and she said she'll be treating Sunday's grand final against the Sydney Roosters as a State of Origin 're-match'.
Broncos stars Stephanie Hancock, Brittany Breayley, Chelsea Baker and Tallisha Harden played alongside Brigginshaw in the Queensland side, while Taleena Simon, Isabelle Kelly, Lavina O'Mealey, Simiana Taufa-Kautai, Elianna Walton, Vanessa Foliaki and Nita Maynard were among the New South Wales team.
Brigginshaw expects a torrid battle considering how hungry both sides are to be crowned the inaugural women's premiers.
"After that loss there's definitely a grudge there to get that win," Brigginshaw said.
"That's something that I think happens in the men's as well, that there's that rivalry, and I definitely feel it.
"Just because we're a part of this team doesn't mean we dislike the other girls but when it comes to game day there's going to be competition there, we're all competitive players and we all want to get that win.
"What happens on the field stays on the field."
It's been smooth sailing to the grand final for Brisbane, having won all three of their round games by considerable margins.
But despite coming into the grand final undefeated, Broncos coach Paul Dyer shrugged off the favourites tag.
"I don't think there's a team in the country that goes into a grand final that feels like they're favourites," Dyer said.
"At the end of the day two sides are going to go out there, leave everything out there and one team's going to win and one's going to lose, that's the reality of sport.
"Whoever can put together a solid 80-minute performance on Sunday will come away with the victory."
Despite the Roosters only getting their first win with last Saturday's 26-0 drubbing of the Dragons, Dyer expects a different Roosters outfit to turn up on Sunday.
"We're expecting what they are, a fantastic side - last weekend we got to see that," Dyer said.
"They've got some quality players, individually they've got a fantastic roster. A lot of strike out-wide obviously and they've got a really tough, uncompromising forward pack that's riddled with girls that have played at the highest level for a long time."