Griffiths scored more than 160 goals in his career across the A-League, NSL and NPL  and in Europe and China, plus the Socceroos.
He also picked up both the A-League Golden Boot and the Johnny Warren Medal in 2007/08 during the Jets Championship-winning season but was then dropped from the Socceroos after falling out with coach Pim Verbeek.
Now though he is concerned by the lack of Australian finishing talent after the Socceroos' frustrating performances at the Russia 2018 World Cup.
And he believes at least some of the problem may lie with current philosophies in sports science.
The current head of Jets football operations says youngsters are effectively banned from staying on after training to work on their shooting and free kicks, unlike when he was growing up in the game.
"I definitely see that there is a shortfall of attacking players," Griffiths, 39, told the FTBL podcast. "To be honest I don't really have any answers for it.
"It's very different now to when I was training and playing on a regular basis. You've got this sport science, which I'm all for and the amazing data.
"But it restricts you to do extra work in front of goal and I've seen this a lot at the end of my career when the sport science was slowly trickling in.
"When I wanted to do some extra training, the coach said no, that's it, we're done. We need to wrap it up.
"This must have happened three or four times when I was in China, in Europe and when I came back here."
Griffiths admits he may just be nitpicking, but he says it is the greatest change in training methods he's seen during his career.
He added: "No extras, When I was younger, from about 26, there was a lot of Hit The Target, there was no such thing as sport science and workloads and all that.
"I think it's just about finding that balance because I think as a striker you have to hit goals or the back of the net every single day."