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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Collingwood fan pays for brother’s Eagles tattoo after grand final wager

If Jai Wood ever wants to remind his younger brother Maka Mumme about the time his team squandered a five-goal lead in a grand final, he need only raise his sleeve.
Adorning his left shoulder is a West Coast Eagles 2018 premiers tattoo — a permanent reminder of the day his team won the flag and he won family bragging rights.
To add insult to injury, his brother forked out the cash for the tattoo.
A staunch Collingwood fan, Mr Mumme didn’t know where to look after the siren sounded at the MCG on Saturday.
The 24-year-old had travelled to the grand final with Eagles-mad Mr Wood, 31.
The half-brothers from Perth follow different clubs because of the split allegiances of their biological fathers.
They had put a wager on the game before they left home — whoever was on the losing side had to pay for the other’s commemorative premiership tattoo.
It was all going so well for Mr Mumme until the last few minutes.
“I held back the tears for the first 10 or 15 minutes then I went and sat down near the (Collingwood) cheer squad and I was hugging all the supporters,” Mr Mumme said.
“Everyone was just quiet and didn’t know where to look. It was hard to watch.”
In stark contrast, Dom Sheed’s game-winning goal sent Mr Wood into a fan frenzy.
“I was stressed and worried for the first 95 per cent of the game and words just can’t explain the feeling after Sheedy’s kick,” Mr Wood said.
“The crowd just erupted. I was standing on my seat waving my flag, singing Eagle Rock.”
The brothers went out on the town after the game — Mr Wood partying into the wee hours while Mr Mumme drowned his sorrows.
They flew back to Perth last night and dropped into Ink Testament Tattoo Studio in Ballajura today.
Mr Wood rates the new Eagles ink as his third most important tattoo behind the names of his two sons on his chest.
Mr Mumme said he was a man of his word, even if keeping his word left a bitter taste in his mouth.
“I’m Australian so I’ll always pull through on a bet,” Mr Mumme said.
“I said I’ll pay and if we won I know he would have done the same.”