After last season’s decline in crowds, FFA’s fix was to Big Bash the A-League by introducing flares in the stands and have music played during corners, goal kicks and substitutions.
But after an outcry by supporters, the idea which was the brainchild of Head of A-League Greg O’Rourke, was quickly rejected by the majority of clubs.
Former A-League Chief Archie Fraser told FTBL that the idea to increase crowds made the sport look unprofessional.
“It makes us look like amateurs,” he said
“Fans want to come and watch their team play great football with skilful players - the social media push back maybe comes from the fact that we always appear to be a follower of the latest gimmicks and not being leaders.
“If this really works why don’t all the other major football leagues in the world have it?
"If the fans, by that I mean club members and season ticket holders want it, then take it to the A League clubs and if they want it then it could be considered - but it’s not a priority and will not increase crowds."
Fraser was A-League chief when Melbourne Heart, North Queensland Fury and Gold Coast United joined the league.
Currently he’s involved in consulting with fast growth high tech sports, scientific and medical companies in and around the country.
Now that the A-League is to be set up as an independent body before the start of next season, Fraser revealed that he’d be interested in a return to football.
“I understand the space as well as anybody,” he said.
“I understand the stakeholders. I understand the problems. I have been working in that space for the last few years so I’m certainly looking to get involved in whatever capacity I can add value to.
“That’s certainly if I’m fortunate enough.
“We all know what’s happened in the past, but this about looking forward.
“So if there is anything I can contribute and if there are opportunities that come up to transition the game or be involved in the strategy of the game, or drive initiatives of the game then I’m certainly available to do that.