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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Liverpool, Manchester City are laughing at Manchester United, says Paul Scholes

Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes reckons that other top Premier League clubs are having a laugh at Manchester United’s struggles this season. The former 13-time League Champions are currently placed at the eight position in the table, five points away from all the members of the “big-six” clubs. Speaking to ESPN, the former England international said that United are making the same mistakes which were made by Liverpool years ago.
“Manchester United now feels like Liverpool from years ago, like we’re making all the same mistakes as they did,” he said. “We were watching Liverpool and City from afar and smirking as they changed managers and players every year, never getting anything right. It feels like we have turned into a Liverpool or a Man City,” he said.
The 43-year-old added that he feels the rival clubs are mocking the Red Devils. “I feel like people at Liverpool and Man City are looking at us and laughing like we did at them many years ago,” he said.
Speaking about United’s squad, Scholes said that he reckons United do not lack talent, but miss a couple of key players. “I don’t think there’s a lack of quality there. I do think they miss a couple of real class players that other top teams seem to have — a link player between the midfield and the forwards and also a controlling midfield player,” he said.
Scholes further added that even Lionel Messi would struggle in the current squad. “It feels like every player who comes into the team struggles. I feel like we could sign Lionel Messi at the moment and he’d struggle in this team,” he said. “I think (Mourinho) still is (a great manager), but you wonder why his side keep getting outplayed,” he added.
Manchester United will travel to Stamford Bridge to take on Chelsea on Saturday in their next Premier League clash.