Nikou was named chairman after a prolonged back room meeting of the new FFA board elected him to the hot seat with Heather Reid as his deputy.
And he immediately announced his intention to make a decision on expansion by Christmas.
He said he hoped to bring in extra teams to the competition in time for next season if they can - but couldn’t give any firm promises until they had assessed the bids and the potential timetable.
”Expansion is very very important,” said Nikou. “It’s probably the number one priority the new board will need to address.
”I’d like to see the new board members get a proper and detailed briefing on the merits of each of the bids and as soon as we can get through that process, it will be the first order of business for the new board.”
He added: “The list [of things to do] is long. What we need to do is prioritise the ones we think are critical.
”We can’t be everything to everybody. We are consulting our members about what is important to them. We have our own views but I want to hear from them directly.”
Although Nikou was part of the previous FFA board which opposed many of the changes now implemented, he said he would be different from his predecessor Steven Lowy.
”I consult widely,” he said. “I listen and there’s a measured response.  We want to be embracive of the football community.
“People will know they have been consulted and then the board has made a decision that it believes is in the best interests of the sport.”
Chief executive David Gallop admitted the long debate over the FFA’s reform had been draining for staff.
”There’s no doubt the last couple of years has been incredibly frustrating,” he said. “In many respects this is a liberating day for those of us who are full-time employees of the game.
”The game has a broader agenda than any other sport in the country. The fundamentals strategically are in place but we looking forward to fresh ideas from a new board.
”We have been endeavouring to crack on with the day to day operations over the last few years but it has been difficult.
“We are really looking forward to working together with Chris and Heather and the new board because the future of the sport is so bright if we make sure we handle that agenda and use the resources properly, there’s so much that can be achieved.”
Reid added that registration fees would also be a priority for her as well.
“I think we need to have a very close look,” she said. “I’d like to get a little bit more of an understanding about where the money’s going within the FFA structure.
”I still think our sport is affordable compared to other sports but there’s clearly some areas where perhaps some people are being expected to pay too much.
Nikou added: ”We need to drill down to make sure it’s affordable for the next generation of players coming through.”